Yenne Sakkara

Dancer | The Gilded Knob

Yenne Sakkara, the vampire temptress, is a mistress of the night that works as a discrete high-end courtesan, exclusively for her madame.

Catering to exclusive VIP clients, Mistress Sakkara, is a refined, gracious woman from the high upper class, with an excellent education.

She has been exposed to the finer things in life, and is not only comfortable in high society settings, she prefers them. She is naturally elegant and elite, by birth. She is a free spirit and enjoys the company of high-class clients.

Yenne is accustomed to luxury and a comfortable lifestyle, yet she is not a gold digger. She is intelligent and competent enough to make her own.

She simply loves to accompany wealthy clients because she finds wealthy, powerful, and intelligent clients alluring and exciting. And in return she offers her immense beauty and intellect, to create a wonderful escape from the mundane world…

Yenne can accompany any VIP client to any event, and blend into any occasion perfectly, and never embarrass you with off-color comments, inappropriate conversation, or distasteful attire.

She is the refined client's dream, meeting for clandestine dating and private affairs of the heart. With her mature-minded approach to life, she is the one that exclusive clients can turn to for connection, and relaxation.

No judgement, no expectations, no stress.

Whatever fantasy, or sexual desire, she is willing and able to fulfill it.

Her services are all-inclusive (ERP) and start at 650k.

Find her on the Gilded Knob's Discord: YenneSakkara#2817